Tuesday, June 9

Has Anyone Seen The Real Mady Gosselin??

I still like this show.

This smiling child is Mady Gosselin???I don't care what anyone else says, or what is or isn't going on, because I still like this show. Because, people, it's a show. I'm sorry that in real life they are undergoing turmoil and discord, but as long as TLC sees fit to use portions of it as entertainment, then for goodness sakes I'm gonna keep digesting whatever TLC wants to serve up for me. Anything else that goes on beyond the realms of my flat screen are frankly none of my business. I

And yesterday, serve up they did. In fact, they served up their 100th episode with a little BAM!!!! Well, a lot of bam, because Emeril was on. I won't get into this round about the J&K damage control maneuver to allow the Reality TV Show vortex to collapse upon itself by letting cablenetworks collide right there in the middle of their 800 acre Kutztown studio disguised as a gated home.

(Next round for discussion: Recent family friendly guest-stars Duff & Ace of Cakes, Orange County Chopper, & Emeril? What's next? Stacey & Clinton ambush Aaden & his glasses?! Is that really meant to distract us from the tabloid fodder? Give us some credit, TLC!)

So what I do want to address is that I enjoyed the variety of "Favorite Moments" from the show, include the "Hannah pooped... in Hannah's underwears" gem. (It's at about a 1:00 in this Leah reel...)

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY ... and probably the thing that I shouldn't have waited until so late in this entry... but clearly, Mady Gosselin is MIA.

And TLC is trying to disguise this by inserting a Mady lookalike, whose only physical flaw is that she smiles too much. Isn't it obvious that this isn't the REAL Mady Gosselin???

Hahahahha.... Seriously, if they're medicating her, or she's seeing a therapist, I realize that it's nobody's business. But in a show about the difficulties a large family faces, I'd love it if they addressed the emotional rollercoaster that is their daughter Mady. The Real Mady Gosselin is pissed off a lot, passive aggressive, and a real-life Katie Ka-BOOM. If they are addressing this behind the scenes, I WANNA KNOW! 'Coz it's ruining my show!!!

In fact, back to the Jon & Kate marital drama for a sec: at least on the show they own up to the fact that things aren't good. That's nice. Because I imagine even having one kid is stress enough for a married couple, let alone eight. I appreciate the honesty.

So there it is, a hundred episodes of Jon & Kate, and I think I've seen most of them. No shame.

But please TLC! At least let me know that the Real Mady Gosselin hasn't been body snatched and fighting to get out of the pod you've hidden her in! Assure me a federal crime has not been committed by showing me Mady at her therapist's (again that says therapist's not the rapist's) or Mady taking her Ritalin.

Because the Gosselin's aren't perfect -- then again, neither are any of us -- so it's always nice to have a little reality check, please.

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  1. Thanks. You're awesome to have fixed it:)

  2. I like the show as well-haven't seen many episodes due to my husband. He cannot understand why i think the show is entertaining. I think Kate could use a personality adjustment, but hey they are doing good things for their kids. Did you know they make about 50K an episode-their college is paid for. Good for them, this is how J&K has found a way to provide for their children. I did not know Maddy was being played by someone else. Now i can't wait to see the next episode-I missed the 100 hundred episode, will need to start tivo-ing it!