Tuesday, June 10

Jon & Kate Plus 8

(I'm obsessed, I know.)OK, so I'm not caught up.

I sat down with my ice-cream sandwich in one hand, the Tivo remote in the other, all ready to watch last night's new episode, when I realized I had a "repeat" from Sunday about Memorial Day.... uh hello!

Was that really a repeat? I've never seen this episode! And obv it's from Mem Day 2008, the kids look like they're practically ready to hit high school!

OMG, it's like they're growing up so fast!! The fact that they strapped themselves into the family diesel-mobile on their own. Jump to the end when Kate was lamenting that time had gone by so fast, and she just wants to hang on to their childhood. I imagine it is both a relief that they're growing up and getting self-sufficient, and also quite sad for her! Hey, it's sad for ME and I don't even know these people!
  • Forgetting the kids in time-out. HAHAH so funny. Little Leah just sitting there. How cute was Aaden to come over and give her a hug. Aw I love that Glasses Baby!
  • Alexis at breakfast, crying for the bagel: "(Wah)I... want....(wah)....a...(wah) bay... (waaaah) gulll..... I.... WANT..... A.... BAY..... GULL!" Jon's follow-up was the best "Repeating gets you into Time Out".
  • Holy Cara with the meltdown over the icecream. Did not see that coming! That kid is always such a sweetheart, I hate when she gets like that.
  • Leah talking about why big girls have big "boops" HAAAAAH I'm LOL'ing now thinking about it.

Can't wait to see last night's Jon hair episode.

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  1. what is up with jon's hair anyways? newsflash:propecia. look into it.
    granted, with all those kids in the house, it's not the drug of choice to keep in the candy cabinet.