Tuesday, June 10

Lost & Found. But mostly Lost.

If you find a sack of cash, that's mine too.I just read this amazing story about this guy in England who lost this gold Bulova watch during World War II, when he was on a warship. Lost it in the ocean. A couple of divers recently found it and sent it back to him... 67 years later!!!

How incredible is that? Apparently the watch was in perfect condition too, which is good. I don't know much about Bulova watches, but the warranty is likely to have run out.

So, I've decided to start a super-short list of the things that I've lost. If you can hook me up with these lost items, I'll send you a PST Tee-shirt, or something. You never know, right?
  • Green peridot earring, surgical steel. Lost in 1989. This is one of the earrings I first got my ears pierced with when I was a kid. When I was a freshman in high school, I had a friend who thought it would be a great idea to pierce her own ears, so she needed some surgical steel posts to pop in her newly pierced ears afterwards. I volunteered my birthstone earrings. She tried to push the needle through her ear, couldn't do it, nearly passed out, and in the process, dropped the earring down the drain.
  • Pair of pearl earrings (Yes, I lose a lot of earrings) with little diamonds. Lost in 1994. I put them in the pocket of my coat when I got on the Philly Phlash loop bus back in college. I wore a lot of vintage second-hand clothes back then, and this one had holes in the pocket. They were a gift from a relative -- no wonder why my mother always used to tell them, "Don't give her jewelry, she'll lose it."
  • Olive green bucket hat from the Gap. Lost in 2004. I loved this hat. It was raining one night when I was headed to the Ivy Inn in Princeton, and I didn't want it to get dirty, so I put it on the shelf above the coat rack. Forgot all about it, even came back the next day to see if they'd found it. OK, fine. So I came back the next day for a drink, but who cares.
  • Drop earrings made of concentric circles. Lost in 2007. And yes, yet another earring. Must've fallen out of my ear while I was being dangerous on the dance floor at KatManDu. Grrr.

Feel free to add your own items, I'll be on the lookout for them.

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  1. those concentric circle earrings aren't the ones you got from corina nichols for your birthday are they?? i loved (to borrow) those!!!
    speaking of which, i've recently lost my mind. call me if you find it.