Monday, June 9

We need our sleep goshdarnit!!

Reading is Fundamental.  LOL.

The National Sleep Foundation fuond that more than half US women say they sleep well only a few nights a week, or even less.

Damn shame.

They also found that getting sleep is "generally last on a woman's list of priorities".

Here's what keeps women up before they can get to bed:

  • 87% watch TV <---yes, that's me too. Big problem, especially when the Tivo is full of stuff to watch
  • 60% spent on housework
  • 37% activities with kids
  • 36% activities with other family
  • 36% the web <--- same for me again. Nothing worse than looking at one thing online... and suddenly realizing 2 hrs have gone by just looking at other nonsense or reading email
  • 21% on work <-- yes been guilty of that too.

Most of that family/kids stuff doesn't apply to me. Although, as a single gal, I do deal with the middle-of-the-night calls & messages that wake you up, and then the associated stress that goes along with dealing with and thinking about the guy who only contacts you at a godforsaken hour. I finally told said late-night-caller to knock it off, so hopefully I will be getting more sleep in the near future.

How did "worrying" not show up on this list?? I've also been up way too late caught up in a really good book.

What keeps you up at night, ladies? (And keep it clean!)

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