Friday, June 6

When ladies take the kids to the pool....

The Porcelain God... distant royal cousin to the Magical Water Princess.Thank you, Japan, for sushi, Harajuku girls, and karaoke. And now, especially, thanks for the Magical Water Princess a wall-mounted device that goes in the ladies room stalls to mask the sounds of... well you know.

Waving to the Magical Water PrincessSo picture it... you "gotta go", and you're worried it will sound loud and quite un-lady-like, so you wave your hand over the sensor, and the Magical Water Princess plays what they describe as the soothing sounds of flushing, rushing water. Basically a pre-emptive toilet flushing without actually flushing the toilet. Water conservationists everywhere just let out a collective "HAZZAH!". (nerds, all of you.)

The THING IS... everyone in there already knows what everyone else is doing! This may shock you, but no one ever actually goes in there to "powder their nose". (That practically surprises you guys out there as much as it does to find out that, YES, girls may actually do a #2. )

I don't remember the last time I ever actually witnessed a nose being powdered. Girls who aren't in there in need of a Magical Water Princess usually are either washing their hands, fixing their hair, or touching up their makeup. Nose powdering sounds so ancient.

OK, so as promised, here is the bad boy in action:

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