Friday, June 6

I could set my own world record

A scene from my mailbox.... over a YEAR ago.Congrats to 63 year old Gwilym Hughes over in Wales. He watches 14 movies a week, thus earning him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records". After watching his first movie in 1956, he's since seen a total of 28,075 films.

Show off.

His favorite movie? Lawrence of Arabia. Yawn.

Puts me to shame. I've been on a TV spree with my Tivo, so I've been neglecting my Netflix movies... some which I've had for nearly a year. I could set my own world record!!! Longest time with a movie from Netflix.

This is what it'll say on my Guinness entry:

Since 2007, she's seen a total of 0 Netflix films. Her favorite movie? Sure as hell isn't Lawrence of Arabia.

I have yet to beat my own personal Netflix record, when I had Vin Diesel's Pitch Black at home for over 12 months. I'm pretty certain I paid for that movie at least five times over, I shoulda just kept it.

So, to get re-invigorated about what's in my queue (did I spell that right?) I re-ordered the movies on my list, so I could get excited about Netflixing again. Top of my list? Disturbia, Ocean's Thirteen, Gone Baby Gone, The Golden Compass, and Becoming Jane. I'm hoping that will get me over the Netflix "hump".

Anyone got any other good movie recommendations?

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