Thursday, June 5

Senior Pranks... proving we were ready to be adults.

We're high school graduates, ready for college and the workforce because we have ably proven we can pull elaborate pranks off.It's that time of the year for Senior Pranks... and a group of seniors in Seattle broke into the school library in the middle of the night and pulled all the books from the shelves and dumped them in the middle of the floor.

Whoa, you know there is some blue-haired librarian that walked in the next morning and had a coronary. Although, I like to imagine that their librarian is some militant b-word that went ballistic the next morning and ran through the halls insanely screaming, "NEVER MESS WITH THE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM!!!!"

Calls to mind my senior prank from high school... we thought it would a "brilliant" idea to camp out in the school parking lot and basically hold it hostage the next morning. Made all the underclassmen with drivers licenses miserable, because we wouldn't let them in. So it was like an asphalt camping party for what purpose, I don't know. And I'm sure I'm remembering it all wrong, so I expect the correction emails to be coming in shortly. What were we thinking?

The only thing that stands out is in finding stuff to do hanging out in a school parking lot on a weeknight, so I convinced my friend Chris to teach me how to drive stick --- a skill that I have since perfected, and has come quite in handy what with the ridiculous price of gas. Although, that night, the ugly sound of me grinding the gears on his Jeep is engrained in my head (and I'm sure he still hasn't forgiven me for it either!)

What's your story? I imagine it's better than mine!

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