Thursday, June 5

Factoids on Fatherhood

Thanks, dad, for letting that $181 grand slide.  I'll pay ya back later.
In time for Father's Day, Men's Health has a bunch of fun Fatherhood facts, including this:
22% of men think kids should reimburse their parents for raising them. (The average cost of raising a child to 18 is $181,480. Um, can I pay you back later?)

Here's more:

  • 50% of the average guys will become a dad
  • 10% of the average guys will faint during the delivery
  • 10% of the average guys videotape the blessed event
  • 10% of men say they're not comfy handling a baby
  • 10% of men experience postpartum depression, go figure
  • The average number of kids the average guy has: 2
  • 10% of men spawn more than 4 children
  • 42% of dads spend less than 2 hrs a day with their kids
  • The average father's top parenting fear: His kid will run with a bad crowd
  • 90% of current fathers would still want kids if they had to do it over. Aww.

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