Tuesday, June 17

Jon & Kate Plus 8. Of COURSE we'll talk about it!!

TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8
What is not to love about this show?

I usually prefer the episodes with a story (kids going to get a haircut, Kate makes edible play-do, Aunt Jodie feeds them forbidden candy-corn, etc.) but I do also like the occasional behind-the-scenes episodes like last night's "How We Got Here"... it's fun seeing all that home movie footage, like it makes reality tv more realistic, you know what I mean?

  • Young Kate... whoa. Was it just me, or her young with long blonde hair, didn't she look just like Kendra, one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends from the Girls Next Door?
  • The Mystery of Kate's Missing Parents. Still sounds fishy, esp after Kate's VAGUE explanation of why we never see her parents. Anyone think there's some situation she doesn't want publicized? Part of me is curious to know, but another part of me likes them so much, I'm like, Oh, just let 'em have their secrets. (as if they're my actual friends)
  • Yes, Aaden, having an "accident" on the carpet. Hahahaaaa. And plus he's laying right on the same spot. I'm pretty sure you hear the producer in the background go, "That's digusting!"
  • The Christmas presents. Omg, Kate squealing. SQUEALING. I thought there was something wrong with my TV. I was like, "Where the heck is that squeaking coming from? Oh, Kate's mouth."
  • I'm confused. They got engaged on Christmas day? The scene right before that was from November, and Jon calls Kate his fiancee.

Miscellaneous Jon & Kate stuff that I stumbled upon online :

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