Monday, June 16

Lost & Found Part 2 -- Putting out an APB on a Black Cardigan...

Au revoir, World's Best Sweater. Au revoir (sniffle sniffle)....Add this to my public Lost & Found...

I'm officially putting out a Toni Ryan All Points Bulletin for my missing cardigan.

Here are the relevant facts about the night in question:

  • Saturday, June 14, 2008, approximately 21:30, the Black Cardigan (BC) in question was brought along for a night of pub crawling. It had started to rain, and said BC had been known for providing ample coverage and warmth in various weather conditions.

  • Revelry ensued.

  • Approximately 22:45, arrived at Alchemist & Barrister (A&B) in Princeton with said BC. Immediately placed BC over the back of barstool.

  • Continued revelry ensued.

  • Arrived home and realized that BC was not in my posession. Contemplated returning to bar to look for sweater, but wisely opted not to due to effects of said "revelry". Called bar, staff person advised calling back in the morning.

  • Slept through morning

  • Sunday afternoon, returned to A&B to find the BC had still not been recovered.

  • Possible abduction or Lohan-style theft is currently being considered.

Pertinent facts about BC:

  • Black

  • Long-sleeved "tissue-weight" knit cardigan, with large black buttons starting at chest.

  • Falls to mid-hip

  • Pockets

  • Purchased last year off clearance rack in Old Navy. Chance of re-purchase is 0%

  • Perfect for transitional weather

  • Perfect on airplane rides

  • Perfect right now in the studio where it's freaking cold

  • Perfect on cool summer nights

  • Perfect for layering

  • Perfect under jackets

  • World's Best Sweater

  • I miss you sweater :(

Any assistance in this matter is appreciated in advance.

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