Monday, June 16

Church isn't a fashion show. That's why it's called CHURCH and not FASHION SHOW.

I'm so sure the Pope wouldn't approveSo I was at church yesterday (yeah yeah, go ahead with your jokes) and the girl in front of me had on THE SHORTEST SKIRT EVER.

A ruffly little number that might've looked cute paired with a little tee and matching flip flops... walking down the boardwalk on a hot day... but not at church of all places!

I'm not sure how old she was, but I'm surprised no one in her family thought anything of it. They were all dressed pretty conservatively (appropriately, even for a hot day sitting in church), so I was kinda surprised they let this kid out the door. She was kinda moving about so you could nearly catch glimpses of her hiney. It was very distracting, and I was fighting the compulsion of saying something. The only thing that stopped me was the image of me being the crotchety old lady who should just butt out. (No pun intended)

Look, I don't know much about the Vatican 1, 2, and 3.5 (or whatever they are, they don't teach you those nuances in Catholic school), but I do know depending on where you go, and the time of day, you can get away with tee-shirt, jeans, sneakers, etc. etc. But I'm pretty sure supershortminiskirt may be a no-no. Heck, it'd be a no-no in the workplace, that's for sure!

The pic I posted up there is actually generous. It was even shorter than that.

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