Tuesday, June 17

Mypace & Facebook have got NOTHIN' on The HOFF

Settle down, people.  It's just The Hoff
Was is wrong with us?

Us Americans, I mean. Like, why don't we get the supreme force of nature that is David Hasselhoff? Apparently we're immune to the europhic joy that only Germans (for example) can experience at the sight and sound of The Hoff. We must be missing out.

And now. Behold. He is taking on Myspace and Facebook with his own version of a social networking site... HOFFSPACE.

Please. Maybe David Hasselhoff would be better served in other arenas where he can exploit his fame (or lack thereof).

I shall begin a list of products/services he should consider, feel free to add on:

  • The Hoff should hawk an indoor countertop grill. Heck, if he's lazy, it could be called The David Hasselhoff GeorgeForemanGrill.
  • His own line of jewelry (for men) on QVC. It has worked for Suzanne Somers and Susan Lucci. I know because I buy all of it. I'll even buy Hasselhoff cufflinks if they're available.
  • A line of salad dressing, popcorn, and pasta sauce. Hasselhoff's Own.
  • Why hasn't any celeb taken on the office supply industry? There is money to be made there. I might not buy David Hasselhoff Copy Paper (8.5 x 11), but I might buy David Hasselhoff Address labels (comparable to the Avery 4150).
  • A Public Service Announcement for People Against Drunk Dialing. It could start with a scenario of this drunk guy (or gal) at the end of the night, getting in his/her car, an instead of pulling out a set keys, pulling a ... cell phone ... and then they begin dialing. CUT TO... Hasselhoff in studio. "Has this ever happened to you?...."
  • David Hasselhoff GPS. Instead of getting to choose between an Australian guy or a French woman telling you when to turn left, it's just the voice of KITT. Just KITT. That's it. No options.

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