Tuesday, July 22

Jon & Kate Plus 8

TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8Last night's episode of Jon & Kate!

Ok, eh, it was so-so.

I didn't want a recap episode really, esp not one where Jon & Kate detail their worst on-camera arguments. Watching Kate screaming in the toy store again was enough the first time. Ugh. It made me both feel bad for Jon, but also sometimes I think, goodness, why is he being such a guy??

For the most part, I agreed with some of their favorite-child-moments... There were so many classic Alexis quirky moments, but I do love that one of Alexis in the crib when Kate first gets her hair colored, and Alexis is like, "Hi Mommy?" Hahah, totally adorable.

Some of my personal favorites weren't in there!

Alexis: "Aaden is my buddy... Him'll throw up ... on your hands."

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  1. there is a lot of negetive things about Kate and Jon on the internet.
    Something is going on with Jodi. It also appears that life is not exactley what it seems to be on the show.