Monday, July 21

National Ice Cream Month

Love a good fake holiday. Well actually, I don't. I think it's kinda stupid. But this month, let's make an exception, shall we?

July = "National Ice Cream Month"

You can thank Ronald Reagan and the era of "trickle down economics", because that's when it was declared that July was National Ice Cream Month. In fact, the third Sunday of the month was also named National Ice Cream Day! Had I known, I would've splurged on Dippin Dots at Great Adventure yesterday, all in the name of patriotism.

Poll time! 2500 Americans must have nothing better to do, bc they all chimed in for a poll on ice cream, and here's what they found:c'mon, we ALL scream for it...  this pic reminds me of a classic Friendly's sundae
  • More women than men admit to eating ice cream in bed.
    (I don't believe it. Not the eating it in bed, but the copping to it.)
  • 1 in 7 wait until they're alone to stuff their faces with ice cream
  • 8% take out the chunky bits & nuts before eating their ice cream.
    (Hello. It's called Order Vanilla, you weirdo.)
  • 29% admit to taking one extra serving of ice cream when no one's looking.
  • Men are more likely to eat ice cream straight from the container
  • 13% of women 18-34 keep a "secret stash" of ice cream.
  • 3% enjoy eating ice cream in the bathtub.
    (HUH?! I MUST know! Who does this?! 'Fess up now!)
  • 10% said they eat bowls of ice cream for breakfast
  • 26% substitute ice cream for an actual meal

Hah, National Ice Cream Month. Who knew there was such a thing?!

Well now we do - so blow off that diet, and let's finish out the last two weeks in style, ok?! In fact, all this ice cream talk has conjured up childhood memories of Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Sundae with Marshmallow Syrup and Whipped Topping...

I think I'm gonna be a 26%-er today and have it for dinner.

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