Friday, July 18

"Type the two words"

All you want to do is post something on the blog, and the gatekeeper's all like, "Well that's nice, but before I let you share your thoughts with the world, let's see how well you can play my little game called 'Type the two words'."

GAH. You know what I'm talking about. Hit "reply" or "post" and you'll get the little box at the bottom that has these two words you can barely decipher (are they even words?). Someone mentioned this on Chris' blog and for the first time it dawned on me that this might be a problem that you too, friend, have encountered. Thank God. I just thought I was a real idiot. I'd sit there studying the symbols and shapes, and end up failing and getting denied. I hate failure.

Then duh, it occurs to me. Hit the refresh button. A different set of words pop up for you to try your hand at. So now, I keep hitting the refresh button until I get two words I can actually read. (Or two really short words, because I am THAT lazy).

I have a pic here in case it's not making sense:
How refreshing

So go ahead, try it out. Post a reply and tell me how I am the last one to figure this out.

[Toni Ryan says: Obviously, if you're reading this through blogspot right now, this post won't make any sense at all... check out this blog through the PST Loyal Listener Club and you can join in on the refresh-button fun.]

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