Wednesday, July 16

9 to 5... on BROADWAY!

And I won't even pretend for a second that I'm not totally excited about it either.
I'm not even gonna pretend to deny it, but I love this movie

Just announced, 9 to 5, the movie, is coming to Broadway next Spring. Already on board, West Wing's Allison Janney to play Roz - totally perfect.

I love this movie. When I was a kid and HBO used to play the same four movies constantly all month long, I must've seen this movie at least fifty times. It made me want to grow up, work in an office, and learn how to be an expert at working the copy machine. Done and done.

I learned to always double check that I've picked up the Splenda, and not a box of rat poison. I also learned that with a little creativity, you can rig a garage door opener for some useful applications.

And most importantly, I also learned that ten year olds aren't supposed to walking around saying, "You're a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot." Adults don't like that so much.

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