Friday, June 12

3 Reasons He Didn't Call You Back!

You have an awesome first date, the guy seems promising, but then you wait...and wait...and wait....oh and you wait for a call the next day. When the phone doesn't ring you ask the infamous question -- Why Didn't he call? Well after reading an article in Marie Claire, there may be an answer...

...guys stereotype women right away. Whether its in the first 5 minutes on the phone when you decide to go out or if its the moment you walk through the door, they've put some kind of label on you. It's either:

1. The Boss Lady: He'd rather hire you than date you. You may feel very confident and independent, but sometimes its so overpowering he thinks your too uptight. At this point, he's thinking snuggling with you might be like snuggling with a porcupine in a pin stripe buisness suit.

2. The Park Avenue Princess: He knows your looking for a perfect "10" with at least $5 Million in the makes you look like a gold digger...and hey, maybe you just enjoy a nice lifestyle and there's nothing wrong with that. But EVERY guy who actually has the million dollar bank account automatically thinks back to that high maintence poodle he dated in the past, whether you are actually like that or not. So when the waiter asks what kind of water you want, drink from the tap for never killed anyone!

3. The Sadie Hawkins: You pursue him, you set up the date and even sent a "thank you" email after -- you look a little desperate. He knows you like him but sometimes he wants to do the chasing. He knows how to contact you if he's interested...just sit back and wait after the first date. Let HIM do all the work!! It's more fun that way.

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  1. I thought this was a very useful book. Wish I'd had a copy back in my single days, when I was waiting for those phone calls. Check out my blog for the thoughts of a long-married one-time (anguished)single.

    But what do women today think of Greenwald's suggestion that we wait, wait, wait for him to call, resisting the Sadie Hawkins phenom? I thought that was a totally old fashioned norm that nobody paid any attention to any more.