Thursday, February 19

Soap Opera Resurrection

So, they killed off My Actor Friend Justin.

Yes, My Actor Friend Justin -- the one that I love to talk about because he's been on One Life To Live for the last few months playing Wes Granger. If you read this blog because you are bored/like the ravings of a crazy person/feel englightened/etc., then you've heard plenty about My Actor Friend Justin here, and here, here, and also here.

And now he's dead. Wes, that is.

They killed him off in a ploy to set off a whole serial killer storyline.

I'm pissed.

Well, obviously. The story is getting somewhat interesting (in that melodramatic, corny way only a soap opera can deliver) but now I have to watch my beautiful talented friend play a corpse in the meantime.

No way to make use of his many theatrical talents. And he never got a chance to sing one of OLTL's infamous random musical numbers. GAH! You're all fools, ABC! FOOLS YOU ARE!

One of his many great soap operatic moments, when he played Wes as a living person:

My Actor Friend Justin on "One Life to Live"  --- here's a clip from YouTube

How is a person to be resurrected?? Especially when he's found in a bed with a knife sticking out of the middle of his chest, and everyone's been walking around corpse in the bed in middle of this hotel room with this knife hanging out for like hours (days) now.

He is so obviously dead.

But this is SOAP OPERA LAND, folks! So obviously, Wes will be back.

The question is ... HOW?!

I am asking YOU, yes, YOU, gentle reader. Help me concoct a brilliant way to bring such a person back to life. A soap opera character who was stabbed to death, and has had the knife sticking out of his chest for four to five days now. I have been racking my brain for a brilliant plot that would explain that all away and bring Wes back to life, and My Actor Friend Justin back into my soap opera.

For now, I've got nothing.

I mean if Doctor Drake Ramoray can beat death, so can Wes Granger, Navy SEAL, bartender, and Friend Du Jour.


  1. body double or "evil" twin

  2. yah was gonna say it's a clone too

  3. I can't believe they killed Wes, I think its Brody who killed him. Maybe Wes turns out to be on a govt mission, and its all part of a bigger plan.

  4. i used to be obssessed with one life too. this is back when vicky had a split personality and was involved with that dennison guy. good luck for your friend!