Thursday, September 25

One Life To Live... TODAY!

Justin My Actor Friend <-- that's his name.  TODAY'S THE DAY!

Justin My Actor Friend will be on One Life To Live...

Brody has gone nutso and his old pal Wes is coming to town :) Hopefully he's not playing a bad guy. Get ready to see some awesomely dramatic Long Stare.

Some OLTL thoughts:
  • Tess = major crazy, but I love it
  • Marty + Todd = ICK! ICK! "We hooked up once in college"? EW! Hi, he raped her. Gang-raped her. ICK! Plus, the old Todd was a better actor. This guy's cuter but he's a little hard to read.
  • What's up with telling off the principal, Blair? Way unbelievable. Very After-school Special-ish
  • The Dorian/Langston custody thing.... zzzz...
  • Who is this Dallas/Paula Dean lady? Is she up to no-good?
  • Gigi... please, stop over-acting. I don't feel anguish for her. I feel annoyed. I know that's terrible. Hot sex scene in the shower, though.


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