Wednesday, September 24

Jazz Club Posing as a Bank

There's construction on a building in Princeton, on 206 where Mike's Tavern used to be. Lots of hubbub about a jazz club coming to Princeton.... Oooh. Aaah.

Cut to: seductively smoky room. Dim lighting. Jazz trio onstage. Low mumble of quiet conversation. Guys in hats. Ladies with elaborate updos.

OK, so I know a Prohibition-era speakeasy wasn't the plan, but that's how I pictured it.

Cut to: The Reality Check. What's almost completed is a plain two-story brick building, with an elaborate two-lane pass through for cars, looking more and more like a pair of drive-through lanes.

Anybody know what happened to the jazz club dream? Any possibility there's a new trend in jazz clubs that involve pneumatic tube shoots?

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