Wednesday, September 17

90210... House... OLTL...

Had a lovely evening with my Tivo... Awesome TV watching night!!!!

In short, I only have three words: DYLAN! WILSON! JESS/TESS!

If you wanna live in the Zip, you gotta live by the code  (HAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAH)90210: Goodness, I did not expect I'd get sucked in this quickly, but there it is. Three episodes, I'm a fan. I love that all the characters have so many different things going on, and not being cliches straight out of the John Hughes Book on Teen Stereotypes. That the rich popular girl is not just some ice princess, that she apologizes, is nice to special needs kids, and that bad things happen to her. That the angry rebel girl isn't always angry all the time (and she's a total raging flirt too!). Loved the scene with Nat giving Dixon the job and indirectly talking about Brandon without actually spelling it out. "Donna Martin Graduates" got props! And so did Tori Spelling & baby, so I guess nobody's all that mad at her. Jessica Walter (Granny Wilson)cracks me up. It keeps my hopes up of the much talked about Arrested Development movie in the works (can't wait!). Oooh Kelly gettin' mad... LOVE IT!

But... DYLAN?!!??!!??!!??!!??! What the....?!?!?!!? I SO did not expect that they'd give up the answer to that question so soon. I mean, I was very much onboard Team Kellan (or would it be Dylly?) I think I'm just baffled why they revealed it so soon... they coulda kept that mystery going for months!

Such good acting, I really believe they're right here in Princeton.House: Yay! Yay! I wasn't so crazy about House Meets Survivor Island staff search from last season, so I was glad this episode got back to what makes this show so good... Lots of House/Wilson dialogue, Cuddy butting in, and the medical mysteries. Last season was redeemed with the last two episodes - the whole bus accident and Amber thing (in case you haven't caught up yet). Hugh Laurie is in a class by himself... I very rarely watch anything and think to myself, "This guy needs a trophy." He's brilliant. By the way, did we ever learn Thirteen's real name? Do they all really still call her Thirteen?

Look for Justin on 9/25!!One Life To Live: It only took a week and a half, but I'm almost completely there, fully absorbed into a soap habit. Some random stuff that dawned on me watching yesterday: Dorian throwing the Insta-Party. Hahaha, so ridiculously unrealistic. A little part of me loved the obvious direction we were going in, watching the "Mujeres Cramer" feasting on sushi in their living room, and knowing Ray Montez was heading over at the same time (only in a soap of course).... When Cristian got tossed in the same exact Columbian jail that Ray just got sprung from, I was like, "OH PLEASE!"... but now that I realized they're passing Cristian off as Ray, then I was like, "OH!!!! So Clever!!!" LOL... Who is the doctor that Todd is blackmailing and who is her son?.... I've decided I dislike teens on soaps if they're actually being played by teens. I know that sounds weird, but maybe it's from growing up on soaps when the teens were infants the year before. They go from being played by a pair of twin babies to being played by a young looking twenty-nine year old in the space of two months. Unrealistic, but I'm used to it, and rather prefer it actually.

Uh hello... Tess/Jess. She is freaking awesome. I love how psychotic she is -- it's the best! Totally reminds me of back in the day when her mom Vicki/Niki and her ten other split personalities were lurking around. (So shoot me, I've got a soft spot for the played-out "Evil Twin" storyline). Is it just me or does that actress kinda remind you of Blair from Facts of Life?

Justin My Actor Friend <-- that's his name.  SO! Justin My Actor Friend should be appearing in Llanview on 9/25. So excited! I don't know if he's supposed to be on for a while or what, but I'm hoping that it turns into a long-term thing, it'd be nice to always have an soap insider (although I get the impression he's not allowed to tell me a lot of stuff!!!!). I'm totally rooting for him to do well not just bc he's my friend -- but he's such a great guy and has worked so long and hard for this... he's the kind of guy that you want to make it as a successful actor. I think he's SO ready (lots of people aren't) and if you've ever met him, you'd know he's got that kind of charisma and charm that really makes him stand out. It's probably what you always hear on those talent shows when they say they're looking for "The X Factor". Justin's got it, in spades.

And he sure as heck has that soap-operatic "Long Stare" down, pat. I love that, at the end of scenes, the ridiculous dramatic "Long Stare". I can't wait for you to see it!

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