Thursday, September 18

Anyone wanna take a stab at interpreting my wacky dreams?

I'm dreaming... of .... clouds?Three days in a row now. Have had the wackiest, most vivid dreams involving random cameos and strange details, and I've actually remembered them the next day.

Day One. (or rather, Night One)
The class president from high school is hosting a huge gathering in her extremely large home. (One second it's a cozy McMansion, next it's a Mansion.) Then it dawns on me that it's a high school reunion... and of course, it morphs again, turns out it's also a New Year's Eve party. I end up in the kitchen where she's pulling homemade cookies out of the oven, and she begins to impart an piece of important information to me and tells it as if she thought I already knew it. And it's a biggie -- a very personal thing that I won't get into, but suffice it to say it is both a shocking moment, but also a huge relief because it gives me some much-needed closure.

Now, I have not seen this girl since my high school reunion, but I don't even know if I talked her there, and that was years ago. The follow-up is the day after the dream, I messaged her on Facebook just to find out if maybe she did indeed live in the huge house I described. (Hey, maybe I'm like psychic or something.) I have yet to hear back from her. [Maybe she's still waiting to hear back from the nearest looney bin for advice on how to proceed.] I highly doubt that what she "told" me in the dream is true, although man, did it bring me some measure of peace.

Day Two.
I'm driving through the neighborhood I grew up in, and I see my old piano teacher in her yard. I pull over, say hello. She tells me that there are important things we need to talk about, and that I have to come back so we can talk more.... Later I'm in a bathroom at my parents' house, and the walls are covered in ugly drawings. I look closer, and they're the kind scribblings that look like some decorating changes are on the way, yknow, like trying out paint colors, and penciled notes & measurements. Except they're really detailed, like cross-section illustrations, and it's of my parents' deck, showing exact dimensions of the wood planks and the dates that deck was weatherproofed.

Am I supposed to be building my parents a new deck? And please, don't tell me I'm in need of a lecturing about not having practiced enough for my piano lessons!!!

Day Three.
Was planning an elaborate weekend group trip to a midwestern city. It isn't clear exactly which city at first (later realize it's Denver, but for a while it is Chicago). There's minute-by-minute dissections of the four day itinerary, from the moment we land on Friday. There's big hoopla over car rental until my brother steps in and offers to rent the car now that he's over 25. And I'm not clear who else is coming except for one person, an old roommate.

I have not seen or talked to the old roommate in years, probably not since we lived together in Colorado... maybe that's the Denver connection?

So strange, right? I don't know what to make of it all. I'm getting enough sleep, I'm not eating anything too heavy, or too close to bedtime. Haven't even really had much to drink lately, either. Definitely though, pretty busy and a little stressed at work lately. Usually I don't remember all those details in a dream, but they were so vivid and detailed, and I'm remembering them so clearly, even days later.

I hope it stops, because it's getting way confusing. I mean, in the back of my mind I'm feeling guilty about not playing the piano and wondering how many other old classmates are living in mansions!

And I better hustle on that new deck!!!

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