Tuesday, September 2

90210, Soapnet, One Life To Live, etc.

Way before LC & Heidi, Spencer, Brody, and all that other So Cal high-life nonsense that we love to hate, there was Brenda, Kelly, Dylan, Brandon and the Peach Pit.

OMG if I'm still on this show in 15 years, just shoot me, please, ok Brenda?I am totally psyched about the new 90210. I know not to expect the old 90210 -- frankly if it was gonna be anything like the old 90210, I wouldn't even contemplate watching it.

Soapnet had a marathon going yesterday and went I caught a few classic moments I thought to myself, "Man this is awesome... but yet so terrible!" Biggest crisis? That David Silver will be homeless after his dad and Kelly's mom split up? Cheating on the SAT? Joyriding in the family car without permission? Buying a fake ID? Goodness, I hate to sound old and crotchety but either times were simpler back then (less than fifteen years ago) or media didn't have the balls they have now to touch controversial, saucy topics.

I can't wait for the first episode of this reincarnation where everyone dopes on Ritalin to get through finals. Texting naughty messages to the wrong phone. Getting busted cheating bc of Facebook. Public humiliation for bringing an out of season Vuitton bag to school. Blogging about a bad day of school and actually naming names. OMG -- this generation is ripe with so much potential drama that should make for some titillating TV... especially because Hollywood is so eager to readily hand it to us these days.

And here I thought watching Brenda taking a pregnancy test was the most shocking thing to ever witness on TV. Hahaha, how naive.

So, please, bring on the drama! I've got a huge glass of red wine ready for the occasion.

* * * *

So, speaking of Soapnet, it reminded me that I am making it my goal to become an avid One Life To Live viewer. Once upon a time I was a more reliable soap fan, mostly General Hospital, with occasional bouts of OLTL and All My Children. (Any soap fan can tell you the most dangerous thing you can do for a soap habit is to tune in too early, and start catching the show that comes before... next thing you know you're wathing that show too.)

Watch out for Justin Kahn -- star on the rise from Central Jersey!

My pal Justin -- who you might have seen as one of the finalists for last year's I Wanna Be a Soap Star -- will be on OLTL in the coming weeks, so I want to be prepared when he shows up in Llanview doing something or the other. (You know it is, these things have to be so stealth)

If you're not already a soap fan, start watching and support a great local guy!

So, I'm trying to catch up with what's currently going on before he gets there.

Can anyone fill me in? Does Vicky Buchanan still have five split personalities?

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