Thursday, November 20

I Know Someone on TV!

I love TV.

Ya wanna know just how much?

When it comes to anything TV, I am easily impressed. If you're in the back of a crowd mouthing "Hi Mom!" during a news broadcast, I totally want your autograph.
So obviously, this is where I am openly gushing about My Actor Friend Justin, who is back in Llanview as Wes Granger on One Life To Live.

There have been no exciting steamy scenes or face slaps to speak of, thus far (I love the soap opera face slap) but there has been some damn good acting. Here, watch for yourself! I found this clip on YouTube:

My Actor Friend Justin on "One Life to Live"  --- here's a clip from YouTube
I hope they keep him in town for a while and turn it into something. I mean a show that's currently using all my favorite soap ploys (Evil Twin, Babies Switched At Birth, I'm In Love With My Assault Victim, and Thank God He's Not Really My Brother Coz I Am In Love With Him)... I'd love it if I had some insider access to some serious spoilers! (Although, for the record, he's been TERRIBLE at revealing plot secrets. Some friend.)

And since the show is fond of doing random musical numbers in their dream sequences, I hope he's around long enough to sing --- and if anybody out there knows anybody who'd have any say on that show... pass this along, he does a really awesome job singing George Michael's "One More Try". I wanna just whip out a lighter and start waving it, just thinking about him singing!!

SO.... He's #1 on my very short list: People I Know Who've Been on TV:

  1. My Actor Friend Justin... from the reality competition I Wanna Be a Soapstar and now hunky Navy Seal on One Life To Live.
  2. My pal Bob... a tornado ran a path through my town when I was in high school, and Bob's house was in the way. Part of the house was shredded, and Bob made it onto CNN. I am still in awe of his foray into network news!
  3. My pal who was featured on a Before/After show prior to her wedding. I am being vague because she doesn't love talking about that particular fifteen minutes of her life.
  4. My cousin the artist who was featured on a show that showcases artistic entrepreneurs. Also being vague here mainly because I forgot the name of the show.
  5. Our very own PST Wake Up Crew. They were on Extreme Home Makeover, in a "Move That Bus" scene.

Isn't that such an impressive list?! LOL. In this day and age with reality shows popping up and left and right, I am really surprised I don't know more "People on TV". I'd love to know who is in your network of TV Friends.

Maybe we can play "Six Degrees of My Actor Friend Justin"...

I'll start here, as an example:

My dad knows the parents of those little kids from Jersey that competed on Dancing With the Stars' kids round. Dancing With the Stars is on ABC, which also has One Life to Live which my friend Justin is on.

Ick. Wait, maybe it should be:

Those DWTS kids' dad ... knows my dad ... who knows me... who knows Justin from OLTL!

OK, that's much better! Now, your turn.

Or, you can just brag about who you know, I'm totally cool with that.


  1. I think you should preface all your friends' names with their occupation. My actor friend Justin. My radio friend Newman.

    Also, not sure if you know this, but my car was on a News 12 New Jersey story on high gas prices. So, if you want I could probably hook you up with its autograph.

  2. thank you for being vague!!!!! rental