Friday, February 20

Funniest Thing I Just Heard

Random Co-worker just walked in here right now while Thinking Of You was playing and said,
"Oh. This is Katy Perry?"

Me: Uh... yeah....?

Random Co-worker: Damn. I came in here coz I was wondering who it was.

(a beat)

Random Co-worker: I thought it was the Jonas Brothers.

(Riotous laughter erupts. Mainly from me.)

They might all kiss girls and like it, but that does not a Katy- Perry-Jonas-Bros make.
(Random co-worker sullenly begins to exit)

Random Co-worker: This goes nowhere.

HAHAHA PUHLEEZ! The entire world must share in this comedy.


1 comment:

  1. This is funny, and I will admit that I once heard a Jonas Brothers song and thought it was a girl singing. No lie.

    Did you know Katy Perry's cat is named Kitty Purry.

    Someone told me this the other day and I thought it was the funniest thing I had heard that day haha.