Friday, February 20

Toni needs...

Got this one today off of Facebook, and of course I'm not gonna tag anyone.


1. Google “[your first name] needs” (use the quotation marks)

2. Share the first 10 results.

3. That's it.

Toni needs careful, daily monitoring and meticulous veterinary care.

Toni needs a predictable routine in a safe and comfortable environment

Toni needs to do a Live Concert DVD which would potentially be a 5 star best seller

Toni needs surgery and a new club

Toni needs luck to prove doubters wrong

Toni needs to prove he deserves to stay.

Toni needs to cut a 6 1/4 foot board into 4 equal pieces.

Toni needs to go to Nassau and do the feeding scuba with the reef sharks.

Toni needs therapy.

Toni needs help!!!

Amazing! Some of it actually is relevant and makes sense!

SEE!! I just knew the whole world revolved around me.

My mom was so wrong.

Thanks Susie Flora from Maryland for the tip!

1 comment:

  1. i had to ignore the first 3 results which were responses to this. pretty funny. and scary.

    Stacy needs sex, and she needs it fast, and that's all her little brain can comprehend
    Stacy Needs Styling Tips
    Stacy needs to 'Feel That Fire'
    Stacy Needs Some
    Stacy needs flowers
    Stacy needs help with how to deal with mom
    Stacy Needs Our Prayers
    Stacy needs a website
    Stacy Needs a Dance Partner
    Stacy Needs a New Boyfriend!