Thursday, May 12

See ya later, Christian Slater.

Liking a new TV show that gets cancelled is like crushing on the guy across the bar and finding out he's married. Or gay.

Fox's "Breaking In" isn't married, or gay, but it did get cancelled.


I liked it. This is the Christian Slater sitcom that comes on after Idol -- sorta quirky, in that Parker Lewis Can't Lose way. And honestly, I still hold a little place in my heart for Christian Slater from the days of Tiger Beat, so I'm pretty bummed.

Last show I liked this much that got the axe a bit too soon... Better Off Ted - the quirky sitcom with Portia de Rossi. Hmm. I'm sensing a theme here.

Most Brilliant Show Ever.Can you think of any other shows you fell for and then got the mid-season-replacement rug pulled out from under you?

I can't seem to think of many others, well of course, Veronica Mars (may you RIP, you quirky little number.)

Oh, duh, obviously Arrested Development. Still pretty pissed about that one.


  1. I think it's because of Christian Slater. Every show he's been in for the past couple of years has been cancelled.

  2. Ugh. Sad but true. It's hard to love The Slater so much, even though he is clearly TV poison. I still have hope....