Monday, May 16

I'm Not Myself on Facebook

Just read this little blurb in Consumer Reports... that 1 in 7 people alter their personal info in some way on Facebook to protect their identity.

Smart, I say.

In fact, so smart, that I was all over that four years ago when I joined Facebook. Don't believe me?

All you Facebook friends o' mine... how old am I?

Yup, I don't really know either.

'Coz when I signed up, I filled in a year under my Date of Birth that I picked at random. Which was great. But if I ever need to prove it's my account by providing my birthdate, chances are I'm gonna get it wrong. Which I'm sure -- in the world of identity theft -- is a major red flag for fraud.

This'll be my defense, behind bars: "(hysterical sobbing) I sweeeeaaarrr... it's really meeee..... (sob sob sob) I don't know how old I am.... I sweeearrrr! I just wanted to (dry heave dry heave) ... I just wanted to poke people!!!!"

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