Monday, October 4

Saying Goodbye to Shows You Actually Like

Haha.  Not.I laughed my head off camping this weekend.

And not having anything to do with the usual woodsy antics, frisky wild bears, or the fact that I smelled like a perfect blend of sweat & dirt.

While I was drinking my ashy campfire coffee on Saturday morning, I perused the morning news on the BB, and saw that ABC cancelled "My Generation".

Did anyone else even watch this show? Cool concept, yes. The backstory is that there was this group of high school seniors that were filmed by a documentary crew years ago, and what we're watching is the follow-up documentary, of how their lives changed.

I had no interest in watching this, until I realized I was in the middle of the pilot a couple weeks ago. And (restrain your shock here), it sorta sucked.

Well, who am I kidding here. It really sucked. And that's saying a lot, because I pretty much think all TV is ok.

Apparently, the second episode aired last Thursday to even worser ratings, and first thing Friday morning, ABC signed the pink slip. As if the official TV Grim Reaper stepped outta bed, took a yawn, then dropped the axe. Didn't even bother having breakfast first.

LOL, technology sure does sucks for a new TV show. I'm sure there was as time when a crappy show had a longer window being on life support while they still tabulated the ratings by hand. On an abacus, probably.

And this show was elaborate, plot-wise. I'm imagining these young nobody actors who score this sweet acting job starring on a show that should seem like a possible hit. Calling all their friends, excited about their new job. "I'm on TV, man!!! Yeah, on a NETWORK!"

How many expensive cars, homes, jewelry, and bottles of French champagne were prematurely purchased on this bad idea?

Sorta sad when you think of it that way. One night you're on TV, the next, you're reading condolence messages on your Facebook wall before you've even heard the news.

Also sad when you're like one of five people who actually like the show! Which reminded me of something Chris & the Crew were talking about last week.

Favorite Shows that Got Cancelled Too Soon

Epic and Clever at the same time.  How often can you say that?Here are mine:

1) Veronica Mars

2) Arrested Development

3) Popular

4) Better Off Ted

Most Brilliant Show Ever.5) Love Monkey

6) Parker Lewis Can't Lose

7) Hope & Faith

8) Secret Diary of a Call Girl

9) Cupid

10) Samantha Who

Feel free to add your own... and it can't be a show that got run out of town because it universally sucked or started to suck by the end, but because the ratings were down.

And yes, seriously, I liked Kelly Ripa in a sitcom.


  1. I was gonna say Arrested Development but luckily you caught it.

  2. I thought Firefly never got a decent shot. Great show with enough action and comedy and still adding depth to the characters. Though I'm glad Joss Whedon did make Serenity to give it a decent end.

  3. Reaper was a great show that many people have never heard of unfortunately.

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  5. I loved My So-Called Life, and was so bummed when it was canceled. I remember watching an awards show, probably the Golden Globes, and Party of Five won, and they ended up keeping that show on, while meanwhile, they took off My So-Called Life. I never got into Party of Five and just couldn't understand why, if they had ratings that were just as poor as My So-Called Life, they couldn't just keep both shows on. I guess ABC cared more about the ratings than FOX did.

    I also recently felt this way about The New Adventures of Old Christine. I thought it was a hilarious show and loved watching it, yet they canceled it after last season.

  6. Debbie - I never thought of it that way -- it's true, My So Called Life was a critical hit, but at the time, it was competing with Party of Five as a modern drama with young people.

    I've heard a LOT about Firefly/Serenity, and I've thought about watching it on Netflix. I am glad that it's not on, because I love Castle.