Wednesday, May 11

If Nancy Drew & Encylopedia Brown had a baby...

So, you might've heard me talk about how I solved the case of The Missing Camera that popped up in our stuff when we were unpacking from the Easter Egg Hunt last month. There was no name or identifying info on the camera, just pics of kids in costumes, kids at ballet class, kids at Taekwondo.

Toni Ryan was on the case!

I took a really good look at some of the logos in the Taekwondo pics, figured out where the studio was, and decided I was going to drop the camera off there, knowing someone would recognize the kids in the pic and take it from there. I announced my intentions on the air yesterday morning.

... and then, tada!, someone called up and rightfully claimed the camera!!

Which means, of course, I could've just mentioned this on the air weeks ago and gotten these poor folks their camera a long time ago. But what fun would that have been??

Bad bad Leroy Brown.  'Encyclopedia' to YOU.I know that I love a good whodunit. I remember thinking Agatha Christie was the bomb and scarfing down Nancy Drew books when I was a kid. (This was back when kids used to read and play outside, in case any of you young folks were confused.)

But the books I loved most were ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN.

Does anyone else remember those books? He was a kid detective who was really smart -- his knowledge rivalled the Brittanica (again, sorry to the young folks for the dated references) -- and he always thwarted the neighborhood con artist (I'm talking to you, Bugs Meany!) with his clever mind, racing around town on his bike with his sidekick Sally. (They were just friends, people. Never mind the obvious junior-high chemistry.)

Gimme a shout if you also loved the E. B.


  1. I loved choose your own adventure books! altho I was the worst at sticking to the page number ( I always choose again lol) but nancy drew and eb were also well loved by me!