Thursday, March 17

I'm FOURTH Place. And I Made Up The Game. ???

If ain't first, you're last.

This the WINNING! mantra I live by.

Which means I am the opposite of pleased when it comes to this fact: I'm tied for 4th place in my own pool. Yes, this would be the American Idol Tourney I invented. (Which is SO much worse, bc when I originally wrote this blog, I thought I was tied in second place.)

This is the bracket I invented.  Don't worry, it doesn't bite.
Feel free to take part in your own Toni Ryan's American Idol Tourney TM .... It is super easy to start your own bracket within your circle, weekly points based on how many of the Bottom Three you correctly predict. Another point if you also correctly ID that week's Loser.

This week, this is my Bottom Three:

Thia Megia ... you have only two facial expressions: Pleased and Less Pleased. C'mon, you're only fifteen, so what range of emotions could you possibly have? If Thia somehow makes it another week, she needs to fall in love and get her heart broken, pronto, and that should help her get a little more depth. And possibly an exciting third facial expression: Not so much.

See if that little Langone kid or the more manly Paul can put you through an express-round of Douchebaggery, and this might help.

Naima Whatsis ... She has her moments, but if she wins, I hope she changes her last name to something I can pronounce. Also, she needs her own thing. Because we've already got an Alicia Keys and a Rihanna, and they both work just fine.

Karen Rodriguez ... Oh please. You're ok, and your Boriquena sister-girl Jenny Lo might have your back, but you have gotta go. In fact, I have two X's next to your name, because I am certain you are going home this week. Try out for Miss America or something, because you'd have exactly the kind of perfect Talent act that would beat out baton twirling and ballet.

Plus, that whole bilingual thing is so played out. Please reference Dora The Explorer.

Alrighty -- Vamanos!!

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