Thursday, March 3

American Idol Office Pool

This is the bracket I invented.  Don't worry, it doesn't bite.I think I just invented something awesome...

Make way, March Madness... there's a new bracket in town:

The American Idol Top 12 Tourney

Every week, a new winner.... At the end of the season, a Final Champ. All for the priceless prize of Bragging Rights. (Feel free to create a complicated monetary system, I'm not bright enough to figure out that part)

I nabbed this chart off of Wikipedia... print it out and give everyone a copy. Each person highlights the names of the people they think will make it into the Top 12. Tomorrow the winner will be the person who got the most correct.

Sharpie out all the names of The Eliminated as you go along.
Each week, put an X's in the boxes of who you think will be in the Bottom Three, and for the person you think will be eliminated, put a second X in the box. The next day, give one point for every X you get correct. Winner for the week is the person with the most points.

Kid tested, Sanjaya approved!Keep track of the number of wins per person.

When you get down to the Top 3, assign a rank to each of those three remaining contestant. 1 pt for correct 3rd place, 2 pts for correct 2nd place, 3 pts for correct 1st place winner.

Tie breaker will whoever had the most number of weekly wins through the competition.

OK! Enjoy! Let me know how it goes!

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