Tuesday, March 1

Bearer of Bad News

This would be me.The thing about Facebook that is sometimes good...

...you can get important news from far-away relatives right away.

The thing about Facebook that is sometimes not so good...

...you can get important news from far-away relatives right away.

Just read a few minutes ago on Facebook that my Aunt's sister passed away suddenly earlier this morning. (This is an aunt that married my uncle, so basically, the sister of my dad's sister-in-law is who passed away.)

Grabbed my cell phone and immediately texted my cousins to tell them how sorry I was to hear the news.

And as it turns out, I was sorry to hear news that they didn't already know. Neither of them had been on Facebook this morning and didn't know their aunt had passed away.

Worst of all, I don't think their mom had even heard yet. But I'm sure she has now.

Ergh. Anybody wanna say those two words with me?

AWK and WARD. Way awkward.

On one hand, I guess it's for the best that they found out as soon as possible, but it still is yucky being the person to have to tell them. And so casually too.

Anybody else get put in an awkward social faux pas moment because of Facebook or technology in general?

Please share your painful stories so I can feel like less of a doofus right now.

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  1. A woman I went to high school with suffered a brain aneurysm. There were a lot of "I'm praying for you" type posts on her wall, which is how many of us found out.

    One of her friends had "heard from a relative" that this woman had passed and posted this to the woman's wall.

    Which would have been awkward enough....but was even more so because the woman hadn't died! The misinformation persisted for several hours.

    After a slew of "I'm sorry for your family's loss" posts to the woman's wall, the news then circulated that the woman had NOT died.

    Months later, this woman is now going through rehab.