Thursday, February 24

Here's Nookin' At You, Kid

I want an e-reader.

I think.

Again, this is just like my strange attraction to the iPad... I don't really want or need one, but somehow I seem to want one anyway.

So, I'm headed off to Seattle to visit family, and for the plane ride coming and going (and for all those times in between, when my family does what they do best... all those teeth-grittingly great moments.) -- I was thinking of finding a new book to read.

And that's how this began.

I started thinking about all the reasons I should head over to Barnes & Noble and pick up a Nook, or why I should use my handy Amazon Prime account to overnight a shiny new Kindle to my doorstep.

I was weighing it all out, and have been leaning towards the Nook. Because it has a pretty color screen. (Frankly, I never thought I'd be one of those people, but yes, apparently I judge based on color.)This just may very well end up being the solution.

So, I emailed my friend Suzy 101, who recently got a Nook Color and is also a great resource for getting the 101 on just about anything. I emailed her a million and one questions that seem like the kinds of questions you might also have if you're also having eReaderEnvy. Hope this exchange is useful for you too.

hi suzy! ok, so a million and one questions for ya:

1) if i buy it today from the store, how long will it take me to set up and start using?

Text Color <<Suzy 101: Ok I LOVE mine. If you bought it today you could use it today. Just have to charge it for about an hour. >>

2) can i still buy ebooks from amazon?
Text Color
<<Suzy 101: You can buy books from amazon if you download the kindle app onto the nook (my friend did that).>>

3) how much is a mag subscription?
Text Color <<Suzy 101: I don’t subscribe to magazines but I heard they are expensive on nook and kindle.>>

4) how long does the charge last?
Text Color <<Suzy 101: A charge lasts a couple of days and charges very quickly.>>

5) if the ipad or tablet got cheaper in the coming year, would you still buy one, or if you have an ereader, is it overkill?
<<Suzy 101: I have the ipad too but I like this better for an e-reader.>>

6) will i like reading magazines on this thing? the notion of not "flipping through pages" seems so weird.
Text Color <<Suzy 101: I thought I might not like not flipping through pages. Now…I never want to read a real book again lol. I like this so much better.

7) what else can you do with it (not book/magazine related)
Text Color <<Suzy 101: You can also borrow books from the library on it.

8) how big is this thing?
9) if i try and carry this thing in my purse, is it safe, or will i def need a case too?
Text Color <<Suzy 101: You can carry it in your purse. I didn’t get a case yet either. I will soon but just haven’t gotten around to it.

OK, I'll keep you posted!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Kindle. It's amazing. And my charge lasts a couple WEEKS, not days. Maybe that's because of the non-color screen.
    The only thing I don't like is that you can't "borrow" books on the Kindle, but it's worth it for me. Good luck!

  2. My nook color charge lasts more than a few days if I am not using it but I am on it ALL the time. I love that you can borrow books from friends and the library for free...great features that the Kindle doesn't have.

  3. I got my fiance a Kindle for Christmas (the non 3G one, only because that was $50.00 more, and he is not someone who needs that), and he LOVES it! I don't know anything about the Nook, but with the Kindle, you can get on the internet and do e-mail and everything. It's super light and thin and he got a cheap case (from Amazon) to hold it in, just so it won't get destroyed by our 19 month old daughter :)