Monday, February 21

Not From Around Here, Are Ya?

So -- fingers crossed -- I will finally be in Seattle this weekend.

I've been planning this trip for like a YEAR to go visit family in Seattle. So finally, I have time to go, and hopefully this stuffy nose will be unstuffed by then!

I am making dinner for everyone on Saturday, so I've been planning out my grocery trip to the Safeway (it was either that or the Winco.... Such weird names, right? I mean, cmon, at least something normal like Pathmark. Or Superfresh.)

.... Anyhoo, on the grocery store circular, I saw that BEER was on sale!


Now, I'm not some dope that doesn't know that beer and liquor sales are different in them parts outside the beautiful Garden State (hi, I went to college in Pennsylvania. Damn you, LCB! Damn you!)...

But it did kinda take me by surprise.

What are the sorts of things that throw you for a loop when you're in different parts of the country? Soda vs Pop - a regional map.  For real.

Like when someone orders POP to quench their thirst.

Stepping onto a beach... for FREE.

Having to pump your own gas.

Or when people end their sentences with prepositions
(Pennsylvania. Yes, again I'm talking to you.)

Or coming here to Jersey and not knowing how to handle your car around a circle.

Man, if I had a nickel for every time I've made a turn on red just because the traffic was clear... I'd have twenty cents back. Twenty cents less than what I paid on all those out-of-state moving violations tickets. LOL.

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  1. We went to Ohio a few months ago and were shocked and amazed to see beer in the cooler at Target!! We didn't buy any, but that was so neat :)