Tuesday, January 4

iPad Envy

Awe man! You got an IPAD!Just realized that this post -- added on top of other such posts of olde -- will further represent me as some kind of jealous spoiled brat, but such as it is.

I want an iPad.

... or at least I think I want an iPad.

Truth is, I know I really don't want one, or need one. I do know that I feel like I want one, because everyone else wants one. Call me a sucker for peer pressure.

I think I've pretty much always been this way, I am a marketer's dream come true.

Example: Uggs. Don't want 'em. But I think I should want to want them. Know what I mean?

Who wants the latest gadgets just because everyone wants it?
And have you ever bought anything because it felt like the thing to do, and now you don't even use it?

1 comment:

  1. Designer purses. I don't NEED a designer purse. But I HAVE to have one because everybody else has them.