Wednesday, December 22

Gift Wrapping School

The hours you set aside to wrap those presents... just keep this in mind.There is no such thing as a "right" way to wrap a gift.

That's why there is no formal training on how to gift wrap. As long as it's covered and looks fairly presentable, it'll pass.

Everyone sorta just learns how over the course of a lifetime. From watching your mom do it, or watching the nicely coiffed ladies at a department store counter. Then there's trial and error (and thoughts of buying stock in 3M), and years of undoing everyone else's wrapping efforts when you've ever received a present.

At the end of the day, wrapper gets stripped off and tossed out, so the issue of wrapping a gift is actually a non-issue... it's just a matter of whether or not it "looks nice", right?

GRRR!  ARGH!  UGH!!! BAH HUMBUG!How do YOU wrap gifts? Obviously, your answer could range anywhere from buying expensive wrapping paper and using double stick tape and a ruler all the way to the other end of the spectrum which is a toss-up between buying a gift bag, or just recycling the shopping bag it came in.

My technique (assuming it's a rectangular shirt box) is to cut the paper, pull the left and right side across the back (TAPE GOES HERE), fold down one end (MORE TAPE GOES HERE), then fold down the other end (LAST STRIP O'TAPE GOES HERE), then flip it over and slap a sticker on it.

If I REALLY like the recipient, then I'll also slap a bow on that bad boy. Done and done.

I know that description made a couple of you folks out there cringe, and I'm talking about you anal hospital-corner types. Whatev.

Wrapped with love... by a GUY obviously.So, I'm curious, how do the rest of you wrap?

And what are your feelings on wrapping paper?

Spend a lot of money on the paper?

Use fancy bows?

Does "Santa" use different paper than mom & dad used?
Do you let other people wrap your gifts?

Do you permit your children to wrap your gifts?

How much tape do you use?

LOL. Seriously, I'm curious.

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  1. I agree there is no RIGHT or wrong way to wrap a gift, but there is definitely a messy and a neat way to do so, haha. I fold over all the edges before I tape and I use minimal tape, 1 piece per side. I bought really nice wrapping paper at 5 Below. $2 for a 50 sq. ft. roll that, surprise, is double sided! Absolutely worth it. I do use lots of bows and ribbons. It also takes me only a minute or two to wrap a gift, so I'm generally on wrapping duty for all gifts in my family (except my own). My boyfriend is genuinely impressed by my wrapping skills, haha. And yes, Santa uses different paper than mom & dad, for sure. -Jane