Monday, December 20


I've resorted to name calling today.

"EW! You're one of them, aren't you?!"

I barked at Wade today after he picked up my shiny new Rubik's Cube and began to fiddle. I got one for Christmas this past weekend -- my family had to celebrate a week early -- and my cousin thought I would love this retro present. And I do love it. Both love it and hate it.Add Image

I've never been able to be solve more than one color at a time. And now that I'm all grown up, I'm going to try to get at least two colors solved at a time, without resorting to peeling off the stickers, or pulling out the pieces.

The modern Rubik's Cube comes with a plastic stand (?) and a solution guide. I refuse to use either. So, as I ripped off the wrapping and the packaging and screamed in giddy school-girl delight, I heard my other cousin Stacey quietly say, "Oh I can solve that."

Oh no she didn't.

My eyes narrowed as it occurred to me that playing with my new toy would be delayed by the hour it would take her to pull this stunt off. The entire family took turns mixing up the cube, handed it to her, and all walked away to eat more dessert. Five minutes later, a three-year old niece came running at me from the other room, with the SOLVED cube in hand.

Damn, Stacey's good.

"Mix it up again!" I ordered the three-year old.

The kid had no idea what I was talking about. I re-shuffled the cube for a few minutes and sent the her back with the cube. "Tell Aunt Stacey to DO IT AGAIN!"

The three-year old understood that time.

Three minutes later, she was back.


- - - - -

The point of this story? I have Talent Envy. I get jealous of people who are Good At Stuff. Yes, even the Rubik's Cube. So of course, it being Post-Christmas Show & Tell Day at work (it wasn't), I had my Rubik's Cube on the counter, and just a few minutes ago, walked in to find WADE playing with it.

"EW! You're one of them, aren't you?! YOU KNOW HOW TO SOLVE IT, DON'T YOU!"

As most people do when they're accused of something, Wade denied it. "No I don't. Well, not really."

GRRRR again.

And this is what he left me with, which is close enough in my book. So I semi-officially hate him for being semi-good at something.

So GO AHEAD... tell me about how you TOO know how to solve the damned Rubik's Cube.

In the meantime, I think I need something to help me get these stickers off....

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