Friday, December 17

The Moment of Duh

Shoulda had a V8... if I could only REMEMBER!Every morning after Chris & The Crew, I am fortunate enough to have fun quickie chats with Chris Rollins. It's sorta like Oprah After The Show, but I am the lucky audience of 1.

(Shame there's no Favorite Things episode for Chris After The Show)

I get to ask more details about stuff that I heard on my way in to work, and she tells me what's going in the world (since I am too lazy to read the newspaper myself). We tell stories about other people that funny, newsworthy, etc.

This morning, we were following up about something that had happened over the summer, a news story, when I suddenly said, "Hey, does your husband know that guy?" It had occurred to me that they were from the same town.

Oh to see the look on Chris's face. The look of Are you kidding me?

CHRIS: "Toni, John is friends with him."
ME: "REALLY?! He is?!!"
CHRIS: (confused pause) "Toni, I told you this already!!"

In fact, it was obviously the FIRST thing she said to me. "My husband knows this guy..." followed by the story itself. HHAHAHAAAAA! And also obviously, it was always the thing she said when we'd talk about it later. "Yknow that guy that John knows? So John said the guy was saying..." etc.

I guess I wasn't listening to the first part. Classic. Just classic.

After about ten minutes of me repeating the word, "Really?!" and Chris shaking her head, going, "I can't believe this! Are you losing your mind?", I realized that this little "problem" I have has been going on for quite a while.....

- - - - -

A couple years ago, I was sitting with some childhood friends, reminscing. We had been friends since I was little because our parents were all part of this tight-knit group. And one point one of the guys mentioned something about, "Uncle Rob's funeral".


"Uncle Rob" was one of the other dads in the group, and apparently HE HAD DIED!


The phrase, "Toni, one of your father's best friends died, and you didn't even know about it?!" has since become one of the favorite punchlines when we now get together and tell stories.

So, I might remember phone numbers of some of my best girlfriends from first grade, and capitals of countries that are no longer on the map, but man if I can't remember important details or even basic facts.

It's not Amenesia. It's more like Notpayingattention-esia.

And I've got it BAD.

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