Wednesday, March 23

From the Archives: Stupid Mensa

Heard a "Best Of" on The Crew this morning, and it was the one about the Mensa test. Wahoooo!  I'm freaking BRILLIANT!!!!

The stupid freaking Mensa test. And I so I decided to dig this one out, since this is exactly how I was feeling on that specific day.

Operative word being stupid.

From the Archives: "Stupid Mensa"

Yesterday, Chris & The Crew talked about this itty bitty Mensa quiz.

Yesterday, I took the test.

Today, I was still not done.

And after hours upon hours formulating algebraic quadratics and charts and tables, I just finally gave up.

Seriously.  These are my actual notes.The Crew graded me, and I scored a "not bad".


Not flipping bad?!!?!?


Here it is. Feel free to take it.

Oh, and by the way, because my intelligence is merely "not bad", it will explain why I ended up not taking the test the Crew talked about, but instead stumbled into another one from years ago, but a different mini-test.

If you'd like to see how well you fare against me and my tiny brain, here is the one I took.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna stand in a corner and stare off into the distance or something.

- fin -

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