Wednesday, June 9

Heidi In the Name of Love

The Artist Formerly Known As Heidi PrattSo I won't even begin to explore HOW these people entered our orbit of "celebrity", but such as it is... we know who HEIDI and SPENCER are.

And while I don't care a lick about either of them or the fact that their marriage has fallen apart, I have seen just barely enough of The Hills to know that eh, Heidi's not that bad. Whatev.

So now that she's single, what's a high-profile gal with a newly purchased face and bod supposed to do??

OF COURSE! Hook up with another famous person!

I am convinced that she can do better this time.

So, I dug up a few famous faces who are now single (or I assume so), and did a couple rudimentary mashups in Paint (TM), and actually, they look pretty good.

As pictures, yes.

As couples, well, maybe not so much.

1 comment:

  1. 1.I think she's too much for Joe to handle.
    2.I don't think she's slutty enough forTiger.
    3.She's too much of a hot mess for Al.
    4.Jorge might ... but I dunno if she would. (but I really hope he wouldn't he's such a cute chubby guy and deserves much more!)
    5.She doesn't have enough tattoos for Jesse.