Thursday, June 10

TIPPING -- I've got questions & maybe you've got answers

They need to usher in legislature that clearly explains the process of Tipping, because no one ever seems to have a 'correct' be-all end-all answer!!Tipping might be the one topic that everyone's got an opinion on, and there never seems to be a "right" answer.

I've got a few scenarios that recently came up, and I'm just wondering what you guys think:

The Shampooer. If you get your hair did in a a place where your hair gets shampooed by another individual, do you separately tip that person? And how much? And if you pay by credit card and add the tip on, do you have like, tell, anyone how you want the tip split, or will they know? But if you tip with cash, how do you avoid that awkward Search for the Shampooer? Like when you're skulking around after your appointment, trying to find the Shampooer and subtly slip $2 in her hand while she's up to her elbows in someone else's suds.

The Hotel Maid. Now what's the deal on this? I remember when I was a kid, my parents would leave a couple bucks on the dresser. Do you have to tip? And do you tip every night you're there? And how does the maid know what is their tip? Like what is the difference between "Here nice maid, this money on the counter is for you!" versus "Hey I'm leaving money and stuff laying around, and your job is just to clean around it!" ??

The Valet. I also tip a few bucks to the dude that returns my car. But what about the guy who parks the car? Do you have to tip both times? It's like, I'm already paying extra for this service, and now I'm paying extra extra to thank them for doing their job? Tres confusing as they say in French Canada.

The Barista. OK, since I am the person that has the coffee order comprised of ten different kinds of specs, I understand the tipping. But if you're asking for a plain black coffee... does this warrant tipping? And why is the tip jar at Starbucks located by the register instead of on the back end where the hard work (the grinding, the foaming, and the pouring) is being done?

And finally... 15%... of WHAT? I don't ever seem to get a clear answer on this. I can calculate the 15% just fine, but I don't understand why some people think it should be 15% of the TOTAL. Like the total that includes tax. I'm tipping you off of Uncle Sam's share? I thought I just calc tip based on the sub-total. i.e. The part that you actually served me. And as far as I know, the waitstaff did not bring any yummy Tax Bill to my table, so therefore I shouldn't include that amount when I figure out my tip, right?

OK, all your comments are heartily welcome. I need other people to tell me what to do for a change. So if a dispute comes up later, I can just pull of this blog and go, "SEE! My readers said so. Duh."


  1. If I leave a tip I will always give it to the person who served me, not leave it where someone else can just grab it for themselves.

    For me to leave a tip, you have to give me good service. There have been times where the waitress/waiter would give me a hard time or an attitude because they didn't feel like working - and I had just sat down! I know that everyone has their bad days, but you shouldn't take it out on others, especially when you're working.

    By the way, I tip by the Sub-total. Most restaurants will have a tip section on the bill if you're paying by card, and it will state on your reciept who your waiter was.

    Good Service = Get a tip
    Bad Service = I want to talk to your manager....

  2. I think no matter what you should always tip. What most people dont understand when they go out to eat is, if the food is late to your table, or it doesnt taste good... its NOT the servers fault! It's the cooks fault. And when you tip a server, your not tipping the cook, so why give the person that ran around getting you drinks and extra napkins, and more bread, and your entire meal, a crappy tip? They did their job. You ate, and didnt have to cook it yourself. Thats another thing, if your going to complain about everything, stay home and cook dinner for yourself! I hate when you hear people complaining about their entire meal. Like, HELLO, YOU DIDNT HAVE TO GO OUT TO EAT! And when your there, Dont tip $6 on an $85 check. If you have money to go out to eat, you should have money to leave a nice tip. I'm a cook, and all my friends are servers.... so I hear all of it!

  3. I DO tip the shampooer ($2, which I think is satisfactory for our 2 minute encounter) and actually, when in a salon or spa, I tend to give the tip to the person behind the desk, especially when I can see that the tip-recipient is already busy with another client.

    I never tip the maid in a hotel. I could only see doing so if I really trashed the room, or had smoked in the bathroom or something and was worried about getting hit with a charge. However, those two occasions only come up when I stay with Lilo.

    I don't tip the valet either. Driving a car is not a skill. and honestly, no real service is provided - certainly not one I couldn't do myself (like cutting my own headsuit).

    What I order from Starbucks has two ingredients: espresso and hot water. And at 4 dollars a cup, they have solved the tipping conundrum all on their very own.

    Definitely 15 percent of the total before tax (including alkeehol when at a restaurant). I tend to lean towards 20% anyways - the math is just easier.

  4. Shampoo girl: I give tip to the person who did my hair and they always tip them at the end of the night.
    Hotel Maid: leave it in an envelope with "MAID" written on it
    vallet: never used one
    barista: never used one
    I tip 20% from the total, including tax