Friday, June 11


On my way to work, I drive through a neighborhood that uses these catchy little plastic doodads at the curb to alert drivers to slow the heck down.

The thing is, every day when I pass this thingy, I am more concerned at how weird it looks.

And I don't get it. What's it supposed to be?

A symbol for a child? Like a symbol for a child about to dodge out into the street holding a flag? Maybe an alien with a huge black dot for an eye? Or a mini plastic man with a deformed foot?

OK, so I guess it's working! It gets drivers to slow down.

Slow down, and go, "What the heck is THAT?"


  1. I've seen green ones that look like turtles...get it? Turtles=slow??? Either way, I think they're great for neighborhoods with kids who actually play outside!

  2. LOL. I've seen a few of them and I wonder the same thing. What I don't get is, why do they use it? Almost all of the houses that I've seen, the kids are in the BACK YARD and not in the front, so what's the purpose? The last time I saw one, I wanted to stop and steal it because it's just so ugly. It was green and not yellow (I guess they have different colors). It's obnoxious I tell ya. I'm all for the little turtle guy, but still...

  3. To Anonymous: Yea, they're great for playing outside, but I know I don't let my son play out in the front yard. He plays in the back. The only time we go out front is for the ice cream man, to go to the car or to go to our neighbors house. Never plays up front. :o/

  4. They do get my attention and remind me how kids run into the street without looking.

  5. My sister is looking for one to put out by her house where some people seem to feel they have to drive 100 miles an hour in a 35 mph zone. Anyone know where you can get them? Thanks!

  6. Good question -- probably google "plastic safety speed sign" and I'm sure you'll get there. Meantime, my best suggestion -- keep driving til you see a few, then come back in the middle of the night and nick them right off the lawns. LOL. More fun if you have someone lean out the car door while still in motion (slow down, of course!) and just nab them really swiftly.