Wednesday, June 9

Yay! Galileo's tooth & fingers are on display!

I don't get US.

People, that is. Like human beings, in general.

Aren't we supposed to be some form of intelligent life form?

Well, then there's Galileo. Great guy, sure, no doubt. But do we really need to SEE parts of his body on display in a museum? His great works, maybe, but not his appendages!

This was on Yahoo yesterday:

"Galileo lost tooth,
fingers go on show in Florence"

FLORENCE (Reuters) – A tooth, thumb and finger cut off from the body of renowned Italian scientist Galileo, who died in 1642, go on display this week in Florence after an art collector found them by chance last year.

The body parts, along with another finger and a vertebrae, were cut from Galileo's corpse by scientists and historians during a burial ceremony 95 years after his death.

Alberto Bruschi, a renowned Florence art collector, unknowingly bought them with other religious relics last October at an auction, where they were being sold as unidentified artifacts contained in a 17th century wooden case.

"My wish is that at some stage those fingers and tooth will be placed with him in his grave," said Bruschi. "That way, if one day he rises from his tomb, he'll be in one piece."

HAHAHAHAHAHAH !!!! I don't know if there was anyone ever so amazing that walked through this lifetime whose body parts I would pay to see if they were ever available to look at in a display, a la carte.

Hmm, and if I ever did something phenomenal in this lifetime, what would I want on display? Maybe a couple strands of my grey hair and my awesome collection of Technibond from QVC that I've amassed over the years.

I just don't get it.

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