Tuesday, June 8

From the Archives: "Real (Amish) Housewives of Lancaster County?"

I love that I was wrong in thinking my beloved Real Housewives of New Jersey would not have a second season.... Every new episode is like an exciting treat of Danielle slowly spiraling out into epic-crazy proportions.

Here's a throwback to last fall... another incarnation of "local" Real Housewives:

Real (Amish) Housewives of Lancaster County?

Amish ParadiseI'm jonesing for a fix of Real Housewives of NJ, but you know it'll never be back.

Which is a shame, I really really loved that show.

Girls of Jersey had plenty to be proud of, what with the table flip and the infamous "book on the table" moment. And girls not of Jersey had plenty to be frightened of, because YES, we are that fricking crazy so don't you even THINK about messing with us.

But I digress.

A reimagining of a Real Housewives future (well, more like future-gone-bad). Check out this parody of a Real Housewives set amongst our brethren over yonder in Lancaster County. When butter-churning and barn-raisings start getting emotions all twisted, bonnets come off and this is what happens...

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