Monday, June 7

Favorite Era of Aguilera

This is actually an offshoot of a party topic I like to bring up, called, "Favorite Era of Madonna?"... where all other conversation can come to a grinding halt so that a heated debate can ensue on what is truly the best phase Madonna's ever been through.

(I always say, "True Blue", minus the teen-pregnancy Papa-Don't-Preach-iness)

I was watching Christina Aguilera's performance on the MTV Movie Awards, and regardless of what stage dramatics are going on, or whatever kind of vocal gymnastics she's displaying, I've always thought that she was a pretty phenomenal singer. It's a pretty impressive skill what she can do with her voice, and I'm saying that even when I don't necessarily like what's coming out of her mouth.

But I've been kind of confused about this new stage image Christina's been emerging with over the last year....

Current Aguilera kinda falls smack dab in between Gaga & Gwen.

Way confusing.

But I guess it's better than her belting out country songs at the Opry, or I'd be replacing those Gaga & Gwen pics with Underwood & Pickler photos.

Well, there's been so many Christina/Xtina phases, so big-hair-meets-big-voice country could still be in the cards for her. Which brings me to today's topic.

Take a look at a Brief History of Aguilera... and let me know what you think...

So many to choose from!!
'Wondering what everyone's Favorite of Era of Aguilera is....

I'm Aww... young, fresh, and Mouseketeerlicious

I'm not Britney!  I mean, look, I put colored streaks in my hair!!!

See, for REAL, I'm not Britney!  I like sweatiness & chaps and dancing in wet boxing rings!!

I'm so BADA** that I ain't gonna be blonde anymore!  See!  I told you I'm NOT BRITNEY!!

Bangs, bitch!  How you like me NOW?!  Does Britney have BANGS?!

I'm happy and light and carefree!  I'm married to a mad-wealthy record exec and I buy cashmere diapers for my baby!  Life is good!  I've found myself, finally!  And this me is 100% original, but inspired by Marilyn Monroeishness.  NO I'm NOT the dancer chick from Dancing With The STARS!!!!

Alright alright, I've figured out the REAL ME!  I still occasionally short hand my name to Xtina because Christina was SOOOO long to write out with my bionic hand, and I've realized that I am actually half-cyborg.

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