Friday, June 4

Saving Jon Gosselin

Then & now... our Jon Gosselin is all grown up.  Into a d-bag.This morning, Wendy McClure commented that there was a small period of time when Jon Gosselin was a "hero".

Remember that era? It was barely a year ago.

We'd watch Jon & Kate with our eyes half-covered, wincing because Kate's once-funny miltant berating of her husband made us feel terribly bad for him. We rooted for him because we were starting to hate her.

Once upon a time...And then... the house of cards fell. Sneaking around with the nanny, tattoos, endorsement deals, and general childish behavior not fitting of an educated, employed young guy responsible for eight guys. What a total disappointment.

Doesn't this guy have a PR person, at the least? Clearly he's got lawyers, and he's been living by the Book of Lohan. Michael Lohan, that is. There are so few things Jon could easily do to at least change the public's concept of him. Not like he cares, and as much as I still love Kate anyhow, it's like my Kate-love is actually composed of 50% Jon-hate.

I'd probably lie if people asked if this was my dad.  Aside from just showing up at charity thingys being freshly scrubbed and pleasant to everyone and non-combative when the words "Kate" or "TLC" come up... I think Jon should also...

OK... GO! What should he do?

Frankly, there's easily a string of reality shows that he could go on to not only make a little money (something tells me he dumped his IT career) -- but use the opp to clean up his image.

Clean House, maybe? You gotta think the guy's a complete slob. A total Type-A like Kate only woulda been attracted to a tragic project like Jon, so I'm sure his pad is in need of some cleanin' & psychoanalyzing from Niecy Nash.

And it's not like I care a lick for Jon Gosselin, but regardless of their situation, no kid deserves to have to tell people that this idiot is their dad.

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