Wednesday, March 17

A Very Special "Toni Ryan Says..."

S E N D. B A C K. Y O U R. C E N S U S. P R O N T O!!!

It takes 2 seconds to fill out, and you don't wanna be the idiot that has to have a census rep follow up at your doorstep, because then your whole neighborhood will know you're the dope who didn't send it back. And I'm done hearing about what it costs to send these survey-nazis to your home, because all I know is that the rest of us are paying for it (as well as footing the bill for the postage to send it back, and all the reminder notes that go along with filling out this dinky little form).

So fill it out and send it back. And if you have more than twelve people living out of your home, you're gonna run out of space on the form.

Thank you.

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