Wednesday, March 17

Worlds Colliding

I was on a cruise a couple weeks ago, and was seated at dinner with a nice older couple. After a few nights of dining next to the husband, it came up that I was a radio DJ, something that still makes me want to also say, "Tee hee, can you believe it?!"

See, I don't think it's that big of deal, I'm just another Jersey girl living and working in the area I grew up in, so it doesn't seem like much. But then when a complete stranger reacts the way this guy I did, it makes me go, "Huh? Geez, man! Calm down!! I just talk a lot, and now I get paid for it. No biggie." He was so much more impressed with me than my parents were when I finally finished college.

So when people I know, especially co-workers whom I consider some of my closest friends, show up in other forms of media, I get superexcited. Like cheezy, freaking out, hyper excited. I'm like, "OH MY GOD I KNOW THEM!!!"

Shinn's guest stint on 'The Jeff Show'Well last week, Shinn was asked to be in an episode of "The Jeff Show".

You know. "The Jeff Show". Only the most popular mini-sitcom to hit the web, under the umbrella of a newspaper, written/produced/starring a famous columnist.

Yes, THE Jeff Edelstein of The Trentonian -fame actually personally requested to have Shinn appear in episode. As himself. Whoa. I had to watch it several times because the first four times I couldn't hear all the dialogue because I just kept screaming --- yes, you guessed it -- "OH MY GOD I KNOW HIM!!!"

Here, check out the vid here on Jeff's page at the Trentonian's site.

+ + +

Edelstein does Illuminati.  Read that however you want.Now, today I get an email from my old pal Chris Illuminati, who once worked right here at PST many moons ago before he found fame and minor fortune as a blogger, erstwhile journalist for, and now a successful BOOK AUTHOR.
The book Illuminati wrote.  Without me.Yes. After years of collaborating with me on an awesome book we were going to write together, he went off and actually did get around to writing a book with a few other cronies. And published it. And it's selling. Never mind me.

(Thanks a lot, dude.)

But today, he checked in to share some very exciting news.

Not the news that his wife is having their first child today.

No. Not that news.

He emailed me to tell me that he was in The Trentonian the other day.

[insert "OH MY GOD I KNOW HIM!!!" here]

A little write-up & accompanying video about local-guy-done-good-by-documenting-the-habits-of-the-a**holes-we-know-and-love. What an accomplishment! So proud of you, Buttercup!!


Guess who interviewed Illuminati.... That's right. The illustrious (and tall) Jeff Edelstein.

Holy cow, worlds colliding! And now I know TWO people that have been Touched by Edelstein (In the figurative sense. I hope.) Well, three actually, when you count Newman's rise to Scrabble victory against Edelstein some time ago.

I'm like ... so in awe. It's corny, actually.

So I guess this begs the question... who is the most "famous" in these two scenarios?

A) The pompous night show DJ (and/or the real-life nice guy DJ who plays him)?

B) The local newspaper Scrabble-playing columnist who gets to make home videos with his buddies under the guise of "work"?

or C) The local author-slash-blogger whose wife is about to pop a baby today?

I'm gonna go with B) Edelstein, for the win. In fact Illuminati was thinking about naming his first born, "JeffEdelstein Illuminati". That's what I hear.

And I've just decided that it is quite possible the world really does revolve around Jeff Edelstein.

I'm scared.

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