Wednesday, March 10

The census is coming! (thanks, we know)

This came in the mail.

huh? ur sending me this piece of paper, uncle sam to let me know my census survey is on the way??

Thanks -- but no thanks -- for the head's up.

I mean c'mon. Like COME ON.

Just send me the danged questionnaire so I can scroll through a three page list of choices to find "American English (New Jersey dialect - central)" as the language I am most fluent in.

I might also check "American English (New Jersey dialect - shore region)" because I consider myself conversationally fluent. (Thanks "Jersey Shore"!)

What's the cost of a stamp these days?! Multiplied by the current population??

Gah, better not be sticking me w the postage bill, uncle sam!!

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  1. I agree, my son and I were saying the same thing the other day. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY.

  2. This is a secretive bailout of the postal service. Follow me here, mail is struggling. They have thought about cutting Saturday mail. Government pays the postal service to mail out these letters to inject the industry with money. Now, we didn't have to have a huge uproar about a senate and house vote on a mail bailout (or a mailout) and we end up giving the postal service money from the government.

    I think I almost convinced myself that is true!

  3. Newman: you are so brilliant it makes my eyes water with pride.

    Anonymous: ditto times ten